Phone Support

24/7 Hotlines Offering Support for California Clinicians to Start Patients on Medications for Opioid Use Disorder


HOTLINE (24/7)


California Bridge has partnered with California Poison Control System to offer 24/7 support for Emergency Department clinicians to discuss buprenorphine starts.

The California Poison Control System can help you with:

  • Identification of opioid withdrawal

  • Dosing of buprenorphine to treat opioid withdrawal

  • Solutions or troubleshooting a plan to bridge patients to outpatient buprenorphine maintenance therapy

  • Treatment of opioid withdrawal in special populations (e.g. pregnancy, pediatrics)

  • Treatment of precipitated withdrawal

  • Treatment of patients with other underlying toxicological conditions

Poison control agencies are not covered entities pursuant to HIPAA (i.e. CPCS is HIPAA exempt). The California Poison Control System’s Buprenorphine-BRIDGE line can be reached directly at 415-643-3257.  If calling from the California Poison Control System's main hotline at 1-800-222-1222, please ask for “Buprenorphine bridge start help” for assistance with management of opioid withdrawal.  Please note that callers (ED providers) may be contacted at a later time for a follow-up survey.



From 6am-5pm (Monday-Friday), non-urgent consultation requests may also be directed to addiction-certified physicians or clinical pharmacists who can provide same-day responses. The Warmline is open to questions from internal medicine, surgery, pharmacy, anesthesia, primary care/other ambulatory, obstetrics/women’s health practices, and other specialty care. The Warmline can help with issues related to any substance use disorder (i.e. not only opioids), the safety profile of buprenorphine dosing, pharmacy protocols related to buprenorphine and naloxone, buprenorphine dosing algorithms and guidelines, comorbid pain, toxicology testing, and any other addiction issues.  Specialty expertise is also available for patients with (or at high risk for) HIV and viral hepatitis.

Consultation requests may also be submitted online at: https://nccc.ucsf.edu/clinician-consultation/substance-use-management/.  

Callers may be contacted for a follow-up survey.